Norman Grimsby
Norsk-amerikaner følger nøye med på sine favoritter.
Skrevet av: Jostein Jensen, 10. juli 2010
Medlemsnummer: 016 (fra 26.08.2002)
Bosted: Redwood City, California (San Francisco Bay Area)

My name is Norman Grimsby and both my parents were Norwegian. My father was from the Grimsby farm in Vanse, Farsund. The Grimsby farm is still there and it consisted of about 5 farms. My fathers name was Samuel Emmanuel Gabrielsen Grimsby. When my Dad came to the United States in 1918 he was only 17 years old and they took the name of the family farm as their surname.
So I am a first generation Grimsby in the USA with the name Grimsby as I was the first son of a Grimsby in the USA. The Grimsby name, as there is not many families in the USA with that surname Grimsby, about 100.
So please put me on your list, as I might be the only Grimsby, with the surname Grimsby in all of Grimsby. I'd like to hear about your team, some info as to where I can get Grimsby shirts, decals, etc.
Thank you (tusen takk)